- what to wear guide -

The number one question I get asked by clients is..."what do we wear?!"

I know it can be a little daunting choosing an outfit to wear on a daily basis let alone, for pictures! Here are a few guidelines I've put together so you guys can look great while dancing around together and feel good while doing so!

Now look...I'm not really one to give fashion advice...I mean I basically wear the same classic Vans + black ripped skinny jeans and a t-shirt everyday haha. These most definitely aren’t rules, but simply guidelines of what I’ve found to work best from trial + error from past shoots. Again, not rules, just guidelines + helpful tips!

You can show up in a bath robe for all I care - in the end, I want you to wear whatever makes you look and feel most like yourselves! Don't feel like...if you don't follow these guidelines your photos aren't going to be good..because that's not true at all! They're going to be A M A Z I N G. The most important thing to me is that you feel and look like yourselves - then, you'll be most comfortable in your photos.


Here's a few guidelines if you're feeling lost about what to wear for your shoot!

First and foremost - bring options! I'll be picking and pulling from the options you bring to make sure your outfits compliment both each other and our location! My couples normally bring around 3 pairs of pants/bottoms and 4-5 tops each, then you can bring along dresses, jackets, rompers, overalls and accessories as well.

Also, you'll most likely be changing in the back of the car in a parking lot or on the side of the road (depending on our location/where we are) so if you’re not comfortable changing at the location(s)/in your car, just send me photos of your outfit options in advance so we can pick them out together beforehand.


Again, I want you to feel super comfortable in whatever you choose to wear to our shoot not only for our climate/temperature/surroundings but also because I want you to be able to move around!

You might want to wear those nice pants you just bought but they're also probably super stiff and not "broken in" yet. I recommend brining clothes already "broken in".

Also, any piece of clothing or accessory that'll catch the wind and show movement is a HUGE plus! It adds SO much to pictures...I love love LOVE movement!




Neutrals and earthy tones! This doesn’t mean just creams and whites, browns, greys and blacks. There are neutrals for every single color!

Instead of green, go for a soft forest green. Instead of red, go with a deep maroon. Instead of yellow, go for a mustard yellow and so on.

Choose colors that are complimentary to your skin tones. I would steer clear of bright reds, oranges, and pinks for the most part, they tend to cast weird tones onto skin!

accessories + props

Okay sooo, I've seen way too many painfully cheesy props on Pinterest from Hobby Lobby like chalkboard signs and what not...BUT hey, props don't have to be cheesy!! 

I highly encourage props such as a motorcycle, blankets, a skateboard, your truck, a campfire, flowers, your cat or dog, or a pizza hut pizza for a picnic! If you're wanting to incorporate any of the above in our shoot, let me know before hand so we can be sure to plan for it!

I also love when couples bring hats, beanies, scarves, jewelry, etc.

The only accessory I don’t encourage is a watch (typically), when I get super close while you're holding your babe's face, I want all the focus to be on the two of you! 



logos + patterns

Avoid busy/loud/big patterns + logos. The smaller or more subtle, the better! Although, I am a lover of graphic tees and band t-shirts, so if you have a favorite...bring it with you as an option.

Oh, and flannels...definitely bring those too!

Tip: be sure to iron your clothes before hand to avoid any distracting wrinkles in your photos.


We will be doing a lot of walking around maybe even some hiking, I'll be having you run, jump, get sand in between your toes and maybe even get a little wet in the water so I suggest comfy shoes/booties/boots/etc. or prepare to take them off (especially if we're shooting at the beach). Please avoid super slippery shoes so you don’t slip!

Ps. Super high heels are almost always a bad idea in most scenarios unless you’re superrrr good at walking in them haha.



make sure it makes sense

Think about the conditions and locations we are going to be shooting in and plan around it. If we’re shooting on the beach, it would look a little funky if you’re wearing shoes. If we’re hiking up a mountain or down a hillside, make sure to bring an extra pair of shoes with a good grip so you won’t hurt your ankles.

If it’s hot out, bring clothes you can breathe in so you don’t have sweat stains in the photos…if it’s super cold out, bring layers, boots!

Be as comfortable as you can.

in home sessions

Everything above still applies to in home sessions

but let's be realistic...

we don't normally sit at home on our couch

fully dressed in jeans and heavy layers.

In this case, I suggest having a variety of tops,

shorts, sweaters etc. anything that can hang off

your shoulder is a huge plus! 



pinterest inpso board

Need even more ideas of what to wear? Check out this board on my Pinterest I created with tons of outfit inspo!!

that about wraps it up!

If you have anymore questions, please let me know! If you're still feeling unsure of what to wear, shoot me a text of ideas you have or we can even create a Pinterest board of outfit ideas together.

Bottom line, I just want you to be YOU!

Plain black t-shirt, Vans and ripped jeans? Awesome, wear that! Want to get dressed to the nines? DO IT!!! Girls, do you have a favorite pair of overalls? Heck yes, bring them! Guys, if you aren't stoked about the thought of putting on dress shoes, and a collared shirt buttoned all the way up, just throw on a flannel + some converse if that's what you're used to! Be YOU and I promise the photos will turn out AAAMAZING!

xo,  Alyssa