Let's get one thing straight...THIS IS ABOUT YOU. I'm here to capture the two of you, the REAL you - the loving stuff, playful things you do, sweet moments you share, feelings you feel, sarcastic things you say, silly jokes you tell & the weird quirks that make up your relationship...

Hiiiii I'm Alyssa!!


Yup, that’s me! Alyssa Marie Evans - the girl behind the camera. Photographer co-based out of Southern California and Northern California. Long Beach, CA & Sacramento, CA to be exact!

This is me. I love singing in my car at the top of my lungs, walking around Target aimlessly and I can sing every word to any Taylor Swift song ever - yup, try me. My favorite thing to do is hang at the beach and watch the sunset. I communicate best through memes, gifs and emojis.


for the sillY, LAID BACK & super in love