Because I care.


YOU matter to me. Your moments matter to me. My favorite moments to capture are the ones that when you look back on, you crack a smile, a tear forms in your eye and you get that tingly feeling of your heart swelling.

I care about capturing that moment your eyes tear up as your beautiful bride makes her way down the aisle to you, I care about capturing that moment when your dad grins seeing you..his little girl in that white dress for the first time, and I care about that moment your grandma is holding your grandpas hand a little tighter watching you walk down the aisle because they remember doing exactly so 50 years ago. I care about THOSE moments.

The “just bawled my eyes out” makeup, wedding cake on your face & double chins from laughing…those moments are my favorite moments - that’s the real stuff. Don’t get me wrong - I’m allll about getting those classic wedding shots but those in between moments…the little moments that mean the most are what I’m all about!

If everything I’m saying speaks to you… fill out my contact form below. I want to get to know the two of you & what your relationship is all about. I want to know your hearts! You’ll get my whole heart right back.

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