Your joyful, steadfast, documentary style photographer, friend, advice giver, question answerer, nerve calmer & go to girl who is here for YOU. Helping you relive your wedding day by capturing romantic, joy-filled, honest photos that feel like YOU.

Someone you can count on to be right by your side, every step of the way, from the moment you book me! My favorite part of the job, you ask? My couples and the relationships we form!!

Photography has ALWAYS had my heart. I’ve been in love with photography ever since I could remember! It wasn't long after I got my hands on my first "real" camera 7 years ago that I felt a shift in my heart. I’ve always dreamed about doing what I LOVE, and I just's THIS. Capturing moments, life & love,

Your Southern California wedding & elopement photographer

MEET Alyssa

I can sing every word to any Taylor song ever - yup, try me! I prefer chai lattes over coffee, scream when I laugh, LOVE to travel but also, I’m a total homebody! I’m superrrr laid back/go with the flow but also, really enjoy planning things. I'm a sucker for sunsets, sunrises too. Something about cleaning my heart skip a beat. What can I say, I'm Virgo! ;)

I’m married to my best friend, Riley! We have two pups - Biggie & Willow the miniature dachshunds. When I’m not out shooting weddings you can find me hanging with them!

The way to my heart? Late night talks about life, exploring new places, quality time with my people, couch cuddles & long walks in the sunshine.

I love singing Taylor Swift at the top of my lungs... 

Iced chais
Marvel movies
The Beach
Homemade cookies 

Iced Matchas
Making memories
Long walks

Reading books

More things that I love

Vibin' best with the laid back super in love couples who are down to have a
 good time with their people on their wedding day!!!

Does that sound like you? Then we'll get along justttt great! ;)

I'm passionate about people & care a whole lot about them. I value experiences, friendships rooted in laughter & human connection.

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