Let's get one thing straight...THIS IS ABOUT YOU. I'm here to capture the two of you, the REAL you - the loving stuff, playful things you do, sweet moments you share, feelings you feel, sarcastic things you say, silly jokes you tell & the weird quirks that make up your relationship...

Hey, I'm Alyssa!


Yup, that’s me! Alyssa Marie Evans - the girl behind the camera. Photographer co-based out of Southern California and Northern California. Long Beach, CA & Sacramento, CA to be exact!

This is me. I love singing in my car at the top of my lungs, walking around Target aimlessly and I can sing every word to any Taylor Swift song ever - yup, try me. My favorite thing to do is hang at the beach and watch the sunset. I communicate best through memes, gifs and emojis.



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what past clients are saying


love notes

“It took us a year to do our engagement photos because I literally turn to stone whenever someone whips out a camera. But we finally pulled the trigger because we wanted to meet Alyssa before our big day. We flew Alyssa out to Austin for the weekend and she came to our house to start the shoot. Right off the bat her energy made us SO comfortable! We then went to 2 other locations and the entire time it just felt like we were hanging out, having fun, (although showing a bit more PDA hehe) with someone we'd known for along time. When we got the photos back, I was astounded! I've never seen photos of us that look even remotely as good. She perfectly captured our love for each other and I have to say, we look DAMN good, too!”

-Krista + Ethan